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The Otter Basketball Training system transfers directly into game play if you are a player that is willing to work harder and smarter than the competition, make everyone around you better on and off the court and truly become the best player you can be, then Otter Basketball Camps and Online Training is the program for you!
Developed by professional trainer Jason Otter, this program combines modern exercise science with good old-fashioned hard work and the proven method of deliberate practice. Otter Basketball Training provides players with a system of play designed to maximize a player’s development of foundational concepts focusing on efficiency and familiarity of movement. Once a player develops the core concepts of our program, players then will learn to manipulate opponents to achieve success against players who are bigger, stronger or more athletic. It’s no secret, OtterBasketball is changing the way basketball is taught all over the country!

  • Learn to Maximize Your Athletic Ability
  • Learn to Make Reads on the Defense
  • Learn to Work Harder & Smarter than the Competition


“Coach Otter helped teach me to be the man I am today and helped my sister and I reach our goal of playing Division 1 Basketball. Thank you.” – Dean Danos


“Ever since I met Jason Otter of Jason Otter’s School of Basketball, it has just elevated my game to a whole other level.” - Jordan McCabe